The Spar Shop

at the Historical Seaport

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NEW! Harbor's Best Greenhouse Kits!

Harbor's Best Greenhouse Kits NEW! The Spar Shop has announced the immediate availability of a new high-quality, value-priced greenhouse kit for the home and garden market . Designed for the small city or a modest back yard, the Harbor's Best Greenhouse Kit is priced for today's budgets. Learn more...

We turn wood masts and spars up to 40 inches in diameter and 122 feet long!

Rigged mast Welcome to the Spar Shop at the Historical Seaport! We are a unique operation specializing in ship's wooden masts and spars , as well as custom columns and poles. We also provide custom milling of wood gaffs, booms, timbers, beams and cants. Learn more about the process for wooden spar making and mast making . Call us now at 800-200-5239 to discuss your project or email us for a free quote !

We have the largest tracer-lathe in North America.

Our 10,000-square-foot drive-through shop is one of a kind, featuring the largest tracer-lathe in North America. We can turn logs up to 40 inches in diameter and 122 feet in length. With our two sawmills, we can mill logs as large as six feet in diameter, and create timbers as long as 100 feet or more. Our Job Shop offers custom fabrication of movie set pieces, museum exhibits and thematic elements for custom homes and commercial buildings as well as short-run-production woodworking projects. Large plank

Watch our Spar Shop crew turn a large mast and talk about our services.

For more video about the Spar Shop, check out our YouTube channel .

We work with wooden tall ship owners, maritime museums, and movie companies.

Our customers have included leading motion picture production companies, tall ship owners, and maritime museums concerned about historical accuracy .

Production companies

Tall ships Maritime museums Construction companies Other

Contact us about your large-scale specialty woodworking needs today!

Call the Spar Shop at the Historical Seaport today for an estimate on your large-scale milling, turning, or custom woodwork needs. You can reach us at 360-532-8611 or 800-200-5239. Or email us at .

Historical resources on wooden mast-making and spar-making