The Spar Shop

at the Historical Seaport

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Our products and services: Masts, spars, booms, and gaffs

The Spar Shop at the Historical Seaport custom-builds wooden masts, yards, booms, and gaffs for large sailboats, yachts, and sailing ships, as well as custom-turned wood poles and columns. Our tracer lathe can turn logs up to 40 inches in diameter and 122 feet length. We also custom-turn belaying pins, deadeyes, and wooden thimbles, hearts, fairleads and saddles. We work directly with boat builders or owners. More on spar- and mast-making... Measuring a diameter

Our products and services: continued

Hot oil treatment We can provide bare, turned and sanded wood masts wrapped for shipment, or we can give the masts a hot oil treatment prior to wrapping. We can also take large-scale wood projects all the way to finish, including crosstrees, trestletrees, bibs and hardware. To discuss your project, or for a no-obligation quote , call The Spar Shop at 800-200-5239 or email us . More on mast-making...

Watch how we assemble a steady rest for a mast-turning project.

We can handle logs up to 120-feet long and 40 inches in diameter.

Our pricing for custom woodwork for sailboats, ships, or premium houses

We are located in Aberdeen, Wash., just south of the Olympic National Forest, the heart of timber country. We are surrounded by thousands of acres of prime timberland with different areas being harvested all the time. The Spar Shop has an excellent relationship with a number of corporate, private and government timber managers. We are regularly called out to survey an area prior to harvest to select the trees that we have an interest in.

It's important to note that some wood grades and species may not be available at the time of your order, and that tree quality and condition vary widely. For example, there are significant differences between trees grown on a south facing slope and trees grown on a north facing slope, between trees grown in a thick stand and those grown next to a road.

Spar Shop staff will work with you to discuss your project, your timeline, and your budget to help you keep costs and benefits in line. Though an old growth wood log may be perfect for a particular project, it will take more time to locate and harvest than select second growth wood. It will also be significantly more expensive, and in the end, may not be the best solution. We will work with you to ensure you understand your options.

Milling and turning price quotes are based on a number of factors, including:
  • Log grade, species, and harvest location
  • Log prices at the time of order (Raw log prices are adjusted weekly)
  • Log availability
  • Project specifications: Dimensions, special tooling or treatments
  • Machine time
  • Labor and any treatment-related supplies
To discuss your project, or for a no-obligation quote , call the Spar Shop at 800-200-5239, or email us .

How to order

Cutting planks from a log Please call us at 800-200-5239 or 360-532-8611 to discuss your needs. We typically require a readable dimensioned drawing of your wood project noting any special requirements or finishes. Well review the documents, contact our suppliers, and write a detailed estimate for you. Once we agree on specifications and a delivery schedule, we will ask for a 50 percent deposit. The second half is due when the work is completed and ready for pick up. All prices are FOB The Spar Shop, Aberdeen, Wash.

We'd like to work with you. Call us today!

You can reach us at 360-532-8611 or 800-200-5239. Or email us at .

Historical resources on wooden mast-making and spar-making